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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Running around in Hamburg

As a model, you have to do a lot of castings and go sees. Remember America's and every other country's top model TV shows? (Can't believe I'm going to compare the real model life with that TV show, but anyway :P) but it's kinda like that. You run around, don't know the city and you go from appointment to appointment to introduce yourself to the photographer, production company or fashion editor to get more jobs booked. Well that's the reason why I'm in Hamburg now, I just got signed to MGM Models so I'm here now for a few days to run around!

You never ever ever know where and what time your appointments are for the day before the same morning that day. So every morning you wake up and your day will be one big surprise! Around 10:30am you just get an email saying: Hi Claudia, here are your appointments for today (...) And during the day you get some text messages with new additional ones. That means you have no idea when or even IF you have time to sit down and eat something. For me it's important that I fill up my by bag with healthy bites before I ran off in the morning. I always stock up on a bottle of water, fresh fruit, nuts and/or a fruit-nut bar. This will keep you going throughout the day or until you have some free time to sit down and relax and have a normal lunch.
Me eating a raw cacao fruit/nut bar in between castings
The next tip I would like to give you as a model is; find something in the city you are in, that will get your mind off modelling and give you a piece of mind. For me this is working out, so that's why I always bring my running shoes with me wherever I go. I mean you can go for a run wherever you are in the world! And if I'm in a city where there is Bikram Yoga, I'm in!! I love Bikram, addicted to this typical kind of workout since my stay in Capetown. As soon as I know I will be on-stay in a city I check the web if there is a Bikram Yoga studio near by. Bikram yoga is a 90 minute class doing 26 yoga postures in a heated room of 40 degrees. Yeah you will sweat like hell, but it just gives me such a great feeling. I calm down, relax and enjoy it so much! 

How my Bikram class looks like before we hit it off
And now, obviously we have to talk about food. When you are on-stay as a model in Hamburg, or just travelling or just visiting Hamburg hereby some tips. I always stock up on fruits, crackers, honey, oats, eggs, fresh vegetables, ready-to-eat-soups and some protein like chicken breast. This way I can whip up some healthy meals in seconds. Perfect when you walked around all day for castings (I once measured, I walk about 10km a day). So when you come home, you just want to have food on the table in seconds rather than minutes. So for example, this time I bought a carrot-ginger-coconut soup and some shrimps. Throw it together heat up, give it a stir and there you go. Or whip up a salad with your fresh vegetables, fried chicken (fried a complete packet and store it in the fridge, saves time for the next time) and some avocado. A recipe for one of those salads will be online soon!

Now, let's talk about restaurants. Where do you need to go in Hamburg when you are looking for a healthy bite? I already mentioned one of my favourite restaurants Dean & David. They have amazing salads, wraps and they are all delicious and healthy. Plus, I'm addicted to their coconut-sate dressing...  I want a jar of that please!! Oh and do eat some bread when you visit Dean & David. Germans are just so incredibly good and baking the best breads ever.

Salad at Dean & David

Then another great salad bar, a bit similar to Dean & David is Feld's Salat. Pick and choose your own salads or choose one of their extremely delicious curry's or soups.

I also love to take a salad from the salad bar at Edeka supermarket, you can just fill a bowl and pay for your weight. Perfect when you don't have time to sit down but need something on the go.

Then there is the Asian vegetarian restaurant Loving Hut. Amazing fresh and healthy food!

Oh and for the Sushi Lovers, go and visit Sushi Lô. They have the most amazing fresh sushi and if you order before 18 they have a special price!

From Hamburg