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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Welcome to Hungry For Healthy Food

I am a dutch girl that lives in Groningen, the Netherlands with my boyfriend Guus.
After finishing my master degree in Law, being a model is my full time job. But one of my biggest passion is food, I love to cook and love to eat.

My passion for food started a couple of years ago. I got sick, had a major kidney inflammation and an appendix operation at the same time. After that, I started to have trouble with digesting all kinds of food. I kept being sick and had a lot of pain in my tummy. Because the doctors couldn't help me out I started to buy a lot of books about food and started to do a lot of research myself. From that moment on, I'm an addict, a sucker for good food.

Because several people pushed me to do something with my biggest hobby and passion I decided to develop a blog. So there you go, I'm online!

I travel, I cook, I eat and I love it!
And that's where my blog will be all about - I hope you'll enjoy and stick around.

xx Claudia

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