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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

Last Saturday I went for a day trip to Amsterdam with my sweet friend Linda (Linda Visser @Max Models). Obvioulsy there was some shopping to do, Amsterdam is well known and great for shopping, but first we head to pay a visit to the "Rollende Keukens". A small festival with all trucks selling there food at the Westerpark. It was sunny, such a beautiful day so perfect to walk around in the sun sitting in the grass and enjoying great food and drinks, plus we were hungry!!

Festival area

The Festival is free, the food is a bit expensive but affordable and their range is wide, from crepes, smoothies, sandwiches to fresh lobster, sushi, burgers, veggie burgers, BBQ, burrito's.. yup kinda everything!! So everyone will find something they will like.

Fresh Coconut
We started off with some fresh coconut, but damn all the food is yelling: "Pick me, pick me". You shouldn't eat for a week and then stuff yourself over there hahaha. There was some great BBQ-ed Chicken, some delicious Burrito's, fresh lobster.. tooooo much!! And then I saw the truck of the The Dutch Weedburger (click!)...

No more need to look around, we digged into it! This was something I wanted to try for aaaages but just never came across it when hungry. So choices were all of a sudden really easy! And we went for this baby, a delicious patty made from soy and see weed. The bread is enriched with chlorella and it's served with a delicious creamy sauce. It's all 100% natural, 100% healthy and very important no bullshit added. So, if you see one of these baby's on the menu list when you are on-the-go in Holland, they serve it at Haje Restaurants and on festivals as well please give it a try!

And after all the food porn we went walking it off and did some serious shopping ;-) We found some great vintage stuff, a few key items at Cos and a bikini for the upcoming job-trip to Madeira (lucky, lucky) and for my Holiday in Marrakech end of August of course.

Such a great day! 

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