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Friday, 31 January 2014

On the go

Yesterday I had a job for Wrangler in Dusseldorf. These kind of jobs always means being on the road, so to prepare my own food and snacks is for me the key to stay healthy and fit!

After a good breakfast with my homemade granola, my 3 hours trip to Germany began. First things first, I quickly drove to the hotel to check in and drop my stuff. By that time it was past noon and I was starving. I had no idea if there would be lunch on set and what we would get get for lunch. So I grabbed one of my homemade wraps! And oh my,  I was so happy I brought some food with me this time. On set they prepared chili con carne with minced pork for lunch, since I'm allergic for pork I couldn't eat it plus there wasn't enough food for everyone so by the time I finished my fitting there was only some rice with a creamy sauce with potatoes left.

Choices were made quickly, hello delicious home made wrap!

For the wraps
100 gram chickpea flour
25 gram spelt flour
80 ml almond milk or soy milk
120 ml water
1 egg
pinch of salt
olive oil

For the filling
Spring onions
Fresh spinach
Smoked salmon
Squeeze of lemon
salt and pepper

To start off making these wraps, you need a bowl and a mixer. Start with the dry ingredients and mix them in a big bowl. Make a small whole in the middle and crack the egg in there. Mix the dough and then you can add all the other ingredients from the list including a tablespoon of olive oil. Then you have to let the mixture rest for about 10 minutes. In this time you can prepare the filling for the wrap. I chose smoked salmon, cottage cheese, spinach, avocado and cucumber with a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper.

After chopping your veggies it's time to bake your wraps. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a preheated pan and with a big spoon you can divide some of the mixture in the pan, make sure you make your crêpes/wraps very thin. Continue baking until the mixture is finished, now fill as much as wraps as you like and you're done cover them with some aluminium foil to they are on-the-go ready.

Backstage Hair & Make Up + a part of the model team before the show began.

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