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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lately - Food on the go

One of the best parts of my job is to able to travel, a lot. I was lucky to be all over the place again the last period, Bremen, Antwerp, Zurich, Amsterdam, Knokke.. Lots of fun, lots of good food to share with you!

Love the outfit. Pastel for summer 2014 it is!
Love SLA, One of my favourite places in Amsterdam 

I love Belgium, they always take care of the models with great food on set (well almost always). Fresh strawberries, whole wheat pasta salad with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, smoked ham with cheese and rocket, roasted goat cheese fennel with pine nuts, goat cheese dip.. okay I will stop here.. Just a LOT of delicious food!

Beautiful Zurich!

In Zurich I had to walk a runway show, the client gave me an amazing hotel "Boutique Hotel". In the middle of the city centre, around the corner of the train station, just perfect! It's not cheap, but hey Zurich isn't in general, but a definitely must visit when you want to visit Zurich.
I was surprised about the beauty of this city and the wonderful people. The women explained to me she had fresh croissants and yogurts for breakfast, when I told her my food intolerance she whipped up a special breakfast for me the next morning: bircher soy muesli, boiled eggs, gluten free toasts, fresh fruit, fresh juices. Amazing !!

The other day I was working in the north of Germany, after work I passed by a lovely little restaurant.  What an amazing place I found, felt so lucky! It's always hard to find good places in cities you don't know. That's what is great about ! Have you heard about it? Well if you're a model and/or travel a lot check it out. There are a lot of tips about all kinds of cities. Anyway in this restaurant I ordered the fish of the day, some kind of white fish (not recognisable because it was a German name ;-)) with mojo sauce, asparagus citrus salad, foam of champagne and some puree of a vegetable I don't remember as well, served with a side of really tasty roasted potatoes. And that's hard because I'm not a big fan of potatoes but these were finger licking good, well the entire dish was! 

So far my post about my food on the go, hope you liked! =)

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