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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lots of dining out!

Hey Guys!

As you may have noticed, I have not been posting a lot - OOPS! Sorry.. the reason? Mainly because I was working, booking my Holiday and had a lot of lunch and dinner dates with friends and family. Also because I forgot a lot of times to take photo's of my creations.. haha yeah not that smart when you want to post about it ;-) 

Lunch at "Concerthuis" Groningen
One of my friends is a great singer at "Housedieren" she was performing on Queens night- and day so we met up just before so I could help her shopping a bit and we could chat and catch up again. We went to "Concerthuis" a great place for foods & drinks. It's one of my most favourite places the last few weeks. We ordered a roasted butternut squash a "salad" of smoked mackerel, beetroot, fennel and cucumber and a buckwheat salad with roasted eggplant. Lots of food, really, really yummy!! 
Tapas with my friend Sanny (model @de Boekers) 

And look at this yummy food!! That was amazing Spanish tapas, again in Groningen. I haven't seen Sanny in months so we went out for drinks in the sun whole day and finished eating these amazing bites in the evening. We ordered a cheese fondue, patatas braves, chicken in plum sauce, spinach with raisins and pine nuts, lots of red wine haha, orange and avocado salad, beef and I don't know what.. haha lots of food, really yummy!! 

On Sunday I had to work, for lunch we got a three course buffet meal.. damn look at the desserts! How can you resist? 

And then last but not least, a visit to Bagel & Beans. I love their new menu, they have spelt and oat bagels now which I both tried. The oath bagel was a big soggy the spelt was yummy though! I also tried the chicken, avocado salad. DAMN tasty! And of course their juice, unfortunately they didn't had veggie juices today so I took the "all-in fruit juice". It was pure banana, strawberries, orange, banana, pineapple and raspberry. Really delicious! 

Tomorrow another dinner feast! My boyfriend is getting his master degree tomorrow, so proud! That means we have to celebrate well right? So with the entire family we are having a big Indonesian meal feast. Looking forward already ;-) 

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  1. Well, seeing all the yummy photos of food you posted, I completely understand your lack of posts! I'd rather take my time and enjoy all those meals too, if I were in your shoes. That dessert table looks so irresistable! I'm glad you were able to enjoy them. All the best!

    Lawrence Neal @ Prime-13