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Friday, 18 April 2014

My Healthy Lifestyle

Today I want to write a blog about "being healthy". For me being healthy is really important, but what exactly is being healthy? For the last few weeks I have been snacking a lot, in a bad way, lots of  of processed and sugary stuff and felt and noticed it on my body straight away. My skin got bad, I got tired all day long, lots of belly pain and then I got an infection and had to be on antibiotics. I have no idea if this wouldn't have happened If I kept on my lifestyle diet completely.. But it made me wonder if it would. I was completely healthy before so there has to be a connection right? For me this was the ultimate reason to start all over again, no more sugar-free, sugary candy, chips, ice creams and everything else. I cleaned up my habits again and immediately felt better. After a few days I'm less bloated, not so tired anymore and I can tell the difference to my skin and body. Why the hell do we eat junk food anyway?

For me it has always been quite easy to eat clean and healthy, as soon as I'm eating things like pizza's, white bread, pork, pastry's.. I get sick straight away. But candy? Nope, nothing happens. And the thing is with sugar, you get addicted and just want more. So it's like a never ending circle, you put the bad stuff in your mouth to be satisfied but the thing is, you won't. You will be craving more and more and more..

But what about all the good looking stuff on your blog? People ask me. Well, to start with, all the food on my blog is healthy.. If you keep the portion sizes as they should be (thats one of my biggest issues, I just love food and it seems like I'm never stuffed haha) there is nothing wrong with oats, yogurts, nuts, fruits for example. Sure you will gain weight if you eat 6 of them, 5 boxes of nuts, 3 avocado's and 10 tortilla wraps. But it's all about balancing the right stuff! What I love to do when I'm in the kitchen, is mixing healthy (in simple portion sizes) and turning them in to a feast meal. But without adding all the calories, fats and sugars.

loaded shrimp home made salad
For example, this Easter I'm going to prepare little healthy chocolate cakes, no added sugars and bad fats. You shouldn't be eating 7 chocolate cakes, because they are "healthy". No, you can eat 1 without ruining your diet, without gaining weight and without feeling guilty. That's what it's all about for me, enjoying food. And yes, of course I will share my recipe with you if the cakes are successful ;-)

But a lot of people forget it's not all about your eating habits, abs are made in the kitchen they say. But you will have to fire up those abs in the gym if you would like me to see them ;-) haha. So besides my healthy lifestyle, I work out, as much as I can, about 5 times a week. And no, this doesn't mean I'm sweating like a pig 5 times a week doing 2 hour workouts. This means from running half an hour in the morning, to 1 1/2 hour strength and cardio in the gym, to 45-60min cardio in the gym to workouts at home. Just how I feel like. I don't like being in the gym all day every day, so that's why I love running outside or jumping in my living room at home. Or well, most likely this means jumping in hotel rooms for me.
When I'm on the road for a job, nothing makes me feel better than breaking a sweat, it gives me some piece of rest and in the same time lots of extra energy. I loooooove to work out. So when I'm not in the gym, but on the road a lot, I can and will do a workout. Even if it's just 20 or 30 minutes a day.  

Therefore I was really excited when I booked a job for Model Workout end of last year. I met Jeroen Krak, the one that created Model Workout; a special fitness and health program for models. Especially young models have no idea what to eat, how to work out and lots of models are even afraid to work out. They all think they will become body builders. Well, woman in generally won't bulk up as much as guys do but yes when you do strength straining there always is a chance you will add extra centimers because you gain muscle. So how should you workout then?
Well that's the thing I have learned from Jeroen, his training is all about using your own body weight. You don't need any special equipment so you can basically do it wherever you want. Model Workout created an on line program with cardio and strength workouts and nutritional feedback as well. So if you would like to have some more information about that, just check their website and for information about their memberships click!.

To end this blog, I just want to say: Listen to your own body and do what makes YOU feel happy. Try to do what feels good for you, my body is not yours and the other way around. And give it some time to find out what's the best for yours. 


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