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Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Dear Amsterdam

Haaay Guys!! 

This week I was back in lovely Amsterdam for 2 days. The very first day I had a gym date, I signed up for an insane workout with Model Workout! And we nailed it! After a million burps (okay Jeroen it were 45) and lots and lots of more excercies it was time to see one of my old friends again, Marianne. I know her since college time, when the economy wasn't that great, she made the choice to move to Amsterdam to find a job over there. And she did, she works as an attorney in a law firm. BUT I have never visited her place in Amsterdam! Shame on me, I know.. but it's just not in my system she lives over there hahhaa.

Me and the trainer of Model Workout!

We (me and Marianne) were both late and I was huuuungry so we decided it would be either dining out or dining in with a take away. And then Sla Amsterdam made the announcement on Facebook they would deliver to her region in Amsterdam as well.. YAY!! Easy peasy! I chose the amaranth chicken salad (my body was craving protein) and it was really delicious! Definitely one of my favourite places in Amsterdam to go to! My salad included rocket, amaranth, mushrooms, sweet potato, tomato, organic chicken and Parmesan cheese. A yummy combination including a very tasty dressing! First time I tried amaranth as well, I liked the taste of it. But I would still prefer quinoa though! ;-)

The next morning I had a casting, my first casting with my new book from Max Models. I signed up with them a bit over a month ago and am really happy with my new mother agent. A mother agent is the one that's taking care of your agenda, agency's abroad etc. The bookers are all really nice and doing a lot of effort, so hopefully I will work a lot with them!!

After my casting I went to Venkel, it's kind of a side kick of Sla. So I was eager to see if it would be just as good. And I have to say, I liked it, but Sla stays my favourite one. The portion was smaller, and I'm a big eater ;-) And the dressing was a bit sourly, I chose the "Lente kriebels" salad with chickpeas, peas, avocado, Parmesan, radish and I chose for a bit extra chicken (protein!) for my muscle recovery. I enjoyed it, I really did.. but too much of the sour dressing! ;-)

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