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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A hectic week as a model!

Heey Guys!

I'm incredibly sorry, I have been sooooo busy there was like zero time for blogging.. I went for a trip to Hamburg where I met my new agency MGM models check my Portfolio. And after my meetings I had a date with one of my friends, gorgeous sweetheart Sanny (Bartlema).

Me and Gorgeous Sanny
The first day in Hamburg I did some serious meal prepping at home (very important if your on the road all day long), I made a simply salad to go (quinoa, smoked chicken, cucumber, avocado and cherry tomato). Healthy, easy to eat on the road and very delicious. Because I had meetings all day I knew there wouldn't be time for a quiet sit-down lunch. And since I'm always hungry.. yep I NEED food prepping ;-) hahaha of course I also had some snacks in my bag as always: some fresh fruit, nuts and this time I also took the NAKED bar with me. It's all natural, has a great taste and it's easy to take with you wherever you go! So some tips you can maybe use when you are planning a trip anytime soon!

After all that was done me and Sanny went food shopping in rainy Germany, definitely time for some comfort food! We bought a bottle of Italian wine (Nero d'Avola, my favourite) and had tapas for dinner! We chose a variation of cheeses, spelt bread, salad, grilled eggplant, olives, corn salad, fresh grapes, fig jam and some nuts. And as a dessert we had my healthy home made brownies (recipe coming soon). Heaven on a little side table!

Fooooood and wine!
The next day we went on a very healthy detox after all the cheeses, nuts and wine and had a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. We went to the cinema, "the other woman" with Cameron Diaz and amazing model Kate Upton (still don't understand the hype about her, but yeah she is gorgeous). A really good woman movie, so I would say check it out!
After the cinema we went out for some shopping and bought some amazing sale items in town, scoreeee! After are big shopping succes we ended up having dinner in Dean & David, you may remember the name? I told you about them in one of my older posts Click! We had an amaaaaaaazing carrot, ginger and coconut soup. One of the best soups I ever had.. really.. we thought about it the entire evening haha and shard a huge chicken salad with coconut-satay dressing. Please if you are ever, ever, ever in Germany try out Dean & David.. the smoothies, juices, wraps, panini's, salads and soups.. it's ALL good! =)

The Carrot-Ginger-Coconut Soup
After the food we went home and rented some more movies, a very chilling movie day it was! The day after it was time to go home, I needed to continue healthy eating and work out.. seriously.. because I booked an amazing job.. The cover of Men's Health!!!

So excited to book the job, that would be on Tuesday. 2 days left, to be in my very best shape I needed some prepping. For me that means eating healthy 100% of the time: lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish. Not food that will blow you up, but things like beetroot, celery, ginger are very good. And also it's very important do drink a lot of water and green tea, to get rid of all toxics and it cleanses your body well.

The photoshoot was amazing, wonderful people, a great photographer, good looking male models ;-), amazing make up by such a sweet make up artist. Really the entire day was having such a good vibe!! And yes, we also had very nice food! We could choose our own salad or bread, of course all the models took salads since we weren't wearing that much clothes ;-) I chose a chicken salad with avocado, pine nuts and parmesan cheese. But most important, I had soooooo much fun! These are the kind of jobs that make me so happy and feel blessed I'm able to do this work for a living!
Backstage at Men's Health
Well so far the start of my week and I promise I will tell you all about the rest soon and upload some recipes!

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