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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Eggy Breakfast Wrap

Happpppppy Birthday to my boyfriend. A guy needs a good breakfast right? And because it was his birthday I promised to make him something good. Fresh orange juice, sliced banana, cup of tea, coffee and a yummy eggy breakfast wrap with avocado. Heaven on a plate!


gluten free or whole wheat wraps
avocado in wedges
3 eggs
fresh sliced fruit
salt and pepper
cheese (I use hard old goat cheese)

The most important thing about this breakfast, are the eggs. I love scrambled eggs, I always use 1 egg and 2 whites a dash of soy milk, a bit of grated cheese salt and pepper. Always. But what does a scrambled egg make a good scrambled egg? Well, the thing is with scrambled eggs that you need a specific trick to make them fluffy, gooey, and yummy. For me this means whisking the eggs together with a fork, adding my cheese and spices, than the milk and just whisk until combined. Don't over mix. Than heat up a pan until incredibly hot, add your coconut or olive oil and pour in the eggs. Immediately turn the heat down on low, wait a bit, like half a minute and then gently stir 3 times until it's "scrambled" turn of the heat, remove the pan and let it sit. The egg will cook trough because of the heat of the pan until just cooked trough. This way you get the perfect eggs!!
In a different pan you heat up your tortilla and then you add the avocado and a bit of the eggs, wrap it up and serve with some fresh fruit.

Happy Mornings!


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