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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Food Diary London Part 2

Wellll if I mention a story has a part 1, obviously there will be a part 2! So here it is.. the second half of my trip in London.

Paul had to work a bit so during the days we obviously went shopping, a bit of sight seeing and filled the days with good food, too many drinks on Monday, and nice company.

On Monday I went to Whole foods, food heaven. Seriously one of my most favourite shops ever. I was so hungry after walking all day (15.5km on that day in total!!) that I almost ran to the salad bar and filled up the box with goodies. Seriously, why don't we have a organic food shop like that?

What's in the box? Well.. what isn't? Haha 2 different kinds of quinoa salad, grilled vegetables, peas, lettuce, crumbled feta cheese, all-the-colour-of-the-rainbow-tomatoes and probably some more! ;-)

Lunch at Whole Foods 

Then Dinner.. Our roommate was taking us out for dinner, we went to this amazing restaurant called Choco Matte! A very trendy restaurant with 2 floors, downstairs a cocktailbar and a terrace, upstairs a chique restaurant with a complete open kitchen. How cool is that? Their delicious cuisine is brining the best of Japanese and Peruvian culture together. Besides that they serve colorful and yummy cocktails. Down side? It's a bit pricy, but the food and drinks are really worth it. 

We started off with some edamame and Bellini's. Never heard of a Bellini? No, me neither it's an amazing champagne drink which is mixed with fresh peach juice. After that? Well, we ate a lot and frankly I don't remember all. We had spicy tuna salad (look at the beauty) lobster and sea bass ceviche, black miso cod (favourite!!!), miso soup, tempura eel sushi, sashimi platter, peruvian pumpkin and zucchini, spicy corn with avocado fritters, more Bellini's and some more wine.. haha yup a very giggly and fun night out! 

Spicy Tuna Maki at Choco Matte
Paul and me enjoying all the food

Lobster ceviche (love)
Me at Carnaby Street
Then for my last day in London we went to this another amazing place for lunch, Villandry. We chose the bread with guacamole, baba ganoush and hummus with some extra carrots because I can't eat the white bread. Then we shared a tuna tartar and I had the fish cake as a main with a side of grilled asparagus and broccolini. An smoked haddock and salmon fish cake served with Salmorejo and spinach, really yummy I have to try to make this dish at home!! Just stupid, told the waiter I couldn't eat white bread and guess what was in the Salmorejo and the fishcake? So yay, got sick during the night..  So will try to make this recipe Claudia-Proof!

Bread, carrots and dips

Tuna tartar with avocado
My yummy smoked Haddock and Salmon fishcake

Time to wave London goodbye, while sipping on a delicious juice from Joe & The Juice! Damn.. I wish we had more foodshops like this at home!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading 

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