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Friday, 23 May 2014

Food Diary London part 1

As you already read in my previous post, I was in London. Had so much fun and already feel sad to leave my dear friend behind!

The First night I arrived me and Paul went to this wonderful restaurant called Yalla Yalla, Lebanese street food. Recommended by one of my Bookers and I would definitely recommend it to you when you're in London! The menu was huge and everything looked delicious, but it was already really late and wasn't that hungry any more (was around 21/22 O'clock). So we ordered a glass of red wine and took some bites from the tapas sharing menu. One of the best falafel with tahini drizzled all over, damn delicious, we had some pita bread with baba ganoush, an amazing avocado pomegranate salad, marinated BBQ chicken liver (first chicken liver ever in my entire life). But there were many articles written about this famous dish, so obviously had to try! And it was really yummy!


Some of the food at Yalla Yalla
The next morning we went for a run in Regent Park. Finally time to use my new trainers, love them! 

 Paul is so lucky she lives like 10 minute walk from the park, 10 minute walk from Oxford street (the massive shopping street of London) and with 2 tube stations around the block it's quite the perfect spot to live!

And we were really lucky with the weather, it was about 28 degrees Celsius! Can you believe it? Actually good weather in London? haha it's always rainy weather when I'm there and now it was high summer!

After our run we created a breakfast we enjoyed all week. A carrot - ginger - apple - orange - celery juice and some yogurt with fresh fruit and healthy granola.
Regent Park
 My favourite breakfast which I enjoyed in London every single day
 After breakfast we went walking to Camden Market. A wonderful area full of shops, markets, paintings, art, jewelry and.. food.. haha! We were craving some street food so we digged into a wonderful wrap with caramelised onion and roasted duck. Incredibly delicious!!
Duck wrap in Camden Town

For dinner we made a yummy salad, something I make quite often and wanted Paul to taste it as well.

For 2 persons

Spinach, watercress, rocket salad mix (or any other)
1/2 avocado
1/2 butternut
1 eggplant
goat cheese
a few cherry tomatoes
fresh olives
balsamic reduction
salt and pepper

Cut the eggplant and butternut in cubes and cook the butternut until quite soft, but not completely done! In the meanwhile stir fry the eggplant until slightly browned, then add the butternut, cinnamon, salt and pepper and stir fry until everything is a bit caramelised. Get a plate and arrange some salad on, then a few tablespoons of chickpeas, the tomatoes in halves, the vegetables, avocado, olives in halves and goat cheese. Serve with the balsamic reduction and you're done!