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Monday, 3 March 2014

Breakfast today

It all started two night ago. I was on the couch surfing the Internet and whatsapping with friends when I all off a sudden noticed that my Wifi was off. I tried to make a new connection, but no signals were found. I decided to look after it the next morning. Yes, I made a backup off all my files, 2 to be sure actually and than started surfing about the problem on the web. In the meanwhile my Wifi now was grey, not able to press the button at all any more and I started to find out that this was a common problem with Apple. I completely reset the entire phone, wanting to reset my backup later on. And then, error. Yup.. not able to reset. So there you go, thank you apple with your amazing system, alllllll of my files are gone =(

What does this mean for you? Well, all of my recipes have to be photographed.. and I just lost a bunch of pictures so I won't be able to upload as much as I always do. Today I'm going back to the shop and hooooope they will be able to fix without any costs, legally they should. So fingers crossed!

But today I will introduce you: My Yummy Breakfast! 

I tried out something new! Overnight "oats" but than with buckwheat instead so it's completely gluten free. Oh my it's filling, delicious and yummy I would say: give it a try, definitely!! 


30g buckwheat flakes
drop of vanilla
pinch of cinnamon
100ml almond milk
100ml soy yogurt
15g of seeds (I used linseeds, sunflower and hemp seeds)
handful of frozen berries
fresh mango and berries as topping
optional: kasha and agave syrup

Simply mix all the ingredients, except the toppings (mango and extra berries of course) and let it sit in the fridge by night or at least one hour. The next morning, stir, add you add-ins, I love to use crunchy kasha (hidden under the mango on the picture) and a swirl of agave to give it a healthy sweet touch.

Spoon in, enjoy!! ;-) 

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