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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spelt Crackers

If you know it's that easy to make, you really don't want to spend so much money on expensive spelt crackers in your local organic store. Last week I've been baking all day, my osawacake, these crackers a wonderful salad (coming up soon) I had to much inspiration haha. Anyway, hope you will enjoy these ones. I made one batch and split the dough in half to make one part a bit sweet, delicious as it is but it goes amazingly well with some goat cheese, honey and some nuts on top. Or with almond butter, some slices banana and sprinkled with cinnamon. I love to eat the plain ones with hummus, vegetable spread, cottage cheese and veggies. So don't hesitate to try both or add your own favourite herbs and spices.


125g spelt flour (whole wheat)
65g spelt flakes
65g buckwheat flakes
25g sunflower seeds
35g pumpkin seeds
1 big pinch of sea salt
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
200 ml water

Pre heat an oven on 250 degrees Celsius. Measure all ingredients and add in a bowl, mix it into a dough with your hands or a spoon  (I did both haha). If you have some time left, it's best when the dough rests for half an hour.
If you like to make sweet crackers as well, divide the mixture in half. In half of the mixture add a drop of stevia, tsp cinnamon and a handful of raisins.
Now spread the dough over a baking sheet, evenly and thin but no to thin.. just the thickness of a cracker. Cut the dough with a knife in the size and pieces you want to have your crackers later on
Bake the crackers for 5 minutes, the low down the heat on 200 degrees and bake 15 more minutes. Flip the crackers when they need about 10 minutes more. Cool down and enjoy!

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