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Friday, 7 March 2014

My Day In Food

Because a lot of people kept asking me, but what do you eat on a day? I decided to write this blog and give you a sneek peak in how one of my days looks like.

Yesterday (Thursday) my alarm went at 5 o’clock in the morning, yup that early. I quickly ran in to the shower and my boyfriend was sweet enough to bring me to the train station (thank god for finally having  a car). My train departed at 5.36 and because I was still way to sleepy I tried to catch some more sleep. Between 6.30-7.30 I had my breakfast, a wonderful super food packed smoothie I prepared the night before, transported in an empty water bottle (easy, because I can just throw it away after finishing my breakfast).

This was my smoothie, while reading the newest Glamour magazine. This delicious goody was made with fresh pineapple, frozen raspberries, a big bunch of fresh kale, soy yogurt a splash of water, maca powder and hempseed protein powder. After blending I added a small handful of seeds and dried fruits to give it all a chewy bite. 

After a 2 ½ hour train drive I ended up being at Amsterdam Airport, today I’m flying to Berlin, working and in the evening going to Frankfurt by plane to work there and from there I will fly back to Adam late in the evening. Yup, heavy stuff! Anyway I passed security quickly, nobody checked my passport (I couldn’t find it yesterday and was searching for over an hour being stressed as hell) and found this not so amusing haha. Anyway after that I could use a big mug of steaming caffeine so I decided it was time for a special treat at the Starbucks in the airport. 

I ordered  a sugar free caramel soy latte and a piece of my homemade apricot nut spelt cracker (will be posting the recipe this week). And than my phone died on me, again, so I decided I needed a new one fast and was busy ordering a new phone while enjoying my Starbucks and then I checked the time, SHITTTTT! Running my way over to the gate I was juuuuust in time to board – I’m seriously not having a good week - is overrated. Up in the air and there we go, thanks to my frequent flyer I was able to move to the emergency exit chairs with extra leg space, hallelujah saved from the guy in front of me that made me want to do the split not to hurt my knees and legs! The flight was nice and easy. 

I arrived and Berlin and searched my way over to the city centre, bus – metro – I’m there. 2,5 hours more hour before my call-time I decided to find a restaurant, eat something and try to rescue my phone. It’s charging now, let’s hope it will work until I’m home and have a sparkling new Iphone 5S gold.

I was lucky, damn lucky! Because I found a cute place cold Dean & David just around the corner of the subway.  They were supposed to  serve 100% healthy and 200% tasty food, according their headlines. I took the salad the women suggested me, Indian summer salad with stir fried mushrooms, feta cheese (the real one), tomato’s, cucumber lots of salad leaves and some sunflower seeds with a french herb dressing. I enjoyed it with a hot ginger tea and one more of my crackers, so left the bread that they served the salad with out. The salad was really nice, just way too much dressing.

After that my laptop was dying so I went over the K├╝rfurstendamm and found another Starbucks, ordered a tea and charged my laptop while chatting with my boyfriend and some friends on Facebook.

Than went over to Bogner, a clothing brand. Got in hair and make up and had to do 2 shows, one at 16 O'Clock and one at 18 O'clock. The team was lovely and the other models really nice, so we had a lot of fun and joy. One of the models I actually new from my first time in Madrid, she was my house mate in the last week. So it was nice to see her again!

In our little break I went walking over the K├╝rfurstendamm with a couple of the models. 1 girl just wanted to go somewhere with wifi (why are we so internet addicted??) and the others decided it was a good idea to take a bit of a walk since the weather was so nice. Because we wouldn't be able to have a proper dinner, after the show we had to take a cab to the airport, we decided to pick up food at, yup Dean & David again! haha. 

So backstage I enjoyed my salad, this time with shrimps, artichoke, bell pepper and lettuce with a honey mustard dressing on the side (learned a lesson). We drink some champaign and on the way out we all took a choco pop. Jumping into the taxi we made our way over to the airport.

I was soooo lucky, just 2 of us had a business ticket, YAAY! Business class. So I had magazines to read, red wine,  and a full meal. I was not hungry at all anymore so I tasted the veal and veggies ate a bit of the cherry crumble dessert and took the bonbons.

That's it, hope you enjoyed reading a day in my food life =)

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