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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Chocolate cookie dough for breakfast

Be aware, you will have a new addiction. This recipe is incredibly delicious and healthy as well. It's fast, easy and doesn't require a lot. It does need a bit time, like 5 minutes of your real time and the rest it does for you while you are sleeping. And then... when you wake up, it's time to spoon in and enjoy this treat! Try it, it will become your favourite new breakfast, lunch, snack.. or even as a dessert!


30grolled oats
half a mashed banana
1 tsp cacao
100g soy yogurt
1 tsp (hemp) protein powder (optional but great for extra protein)
dash of vanilla powder or aroma
100ml non-dairy milk of choice (I had soy milk sweetened with apple)
tsp stevia sugar

And now the easy part, mix it all and transfer to a bowl. Cover and let it sit and rest overnight in your fridge. The next morning this delicious treat is waiting for you to spoon in.

Serving suggestion: sprinkle with some nuts and/or hot blueberries
Psst: the portion, serving size is bigger than this glass but this way it just looked too cute ;-)

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