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Thursday, 20 February 2014


Okay.. a looooooot of people will be really, really, reaaaallly surprised seeing me posting a recipe with chocolate.

Since I'm a little girl I have always hated chocolate. Milk, dark tablets, brownies, cakes, tarts, cookies.. everything with chocolate in it, you name it,  I hated it. Until recently then. WHAT happened was the question my friends and family immediately asked me, I mean I have been trying to eat chocolate a million times. But it all changed after my trip to Barcelona, I was there for a job and the client gave a piece of organic, good quality chocolate mini bar to me and I didn't want to be rude so I just ate it. And then the shock came, OMG, liked it. I actually, really, really liked it.

So my chocolate journey started, I mean.. I missed out!!! I tried my mom's homemade brownies, an organic chocolate bar in Dusseldorf and I came to the one and only conclusion: I like chocolate! I have to say and admit I'm still not a fan of milk chocolate and I still hate chocolate ice cream, mars, snickers and twix. But I can live with that ;-)

So, me being in the kitchen 90% of the time, of course I had to start experimenting in the kitchen with cacao. So I bought some good quality organic cacao and made some delicious truffles and home made chocolate bars.

Today it's time to share the recipe for the bars with you.. I'm sorry, not the truffles, they were gone before I could make a picture. My friend was just in time to safe the bar before it was finished as well and I couldn't make a picture anymore. So I still owe you the truffles ;-)

Homemade healthy chocolate bar

50 gram coconut oil
3 spoons of cacao powder
100 gram dates
a handful of goji berries
a handful of roughly chopped hazelnuts

Melt the coconut butter in a small sauce pan on low heat, when the coconut oil is liquid you can add the cacao and mix until you receive a smooth mixture. Transfer to a blender and add the dates. Mix until everything is well combined and the dates are completely shredded.  Add the goji berries and hazelnuts and combine.
Grab a piece of plastic col and spread the mixture until really thin. Transfer to your freezer until it's hard. Keep storing in the fridge and just break off a piece once and a while.. well, that means if you have some left to store ;-)

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