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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What to eat for lunch?

Today I'm writing about what to eat for lunch. A lot of people have trouble to think of a healthy lunch idea, especially when you are full time working or are on the road a lot. You need something, easy, delicious, healthy and the most important: portable. Ofcourse there is noting wrong with a slice of (good quality) bread, when you top it off right, but you can bring a lot more vitamins, minerals to your tummy with creating something different. Today I help you to create a easy portable lunch with some veggies.

Tip 1: Always buy a lot of vegetables, healthy grains, nuts and seeds. This way you already have your kitchen stuffed with healthy food!

Now here we go: For a quick healthy lunchyou can make a simple dressing with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Grab a tupperware box and start with the dressing on the bottom. Next up you choose a leaf, than a grain/lentils/chickpeas or other bean, than you need a crunch like nuts and seeds, to make it more tasty choose something sweet like dried or fresh fruits. After step 2 you can choose whatever vegetable you have in your fridge to make this meal even better. Say you have leftover cooked broccoli from yesterday, add! Or sliced tomatoes, cooked beetroot, corn, cucumber, bell pepper, mushrooms...

My favourites?
Rocket -> quinoa -> beetroot and tomatoes -> roasted pine nuts -> dried cranberries
Mixed leafs -> lentils -> broccoli and cucumber -> pesto and alfalfa

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