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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Crunchy Veggie Pancakes!

Yum.. Yum.. Yummmmmmy!!!! I was planning to blog about a completely different recipe, but I just finished lunch with these baby's and had to share it with you. They may not look THAT beautiful.. but pleeeeease give this recipe a try it's low fat, low gi, gluten free, healthy and delicious. Great for a lunch, light dinner or maybe even breakfast.. why not? ;-) 

I wanted to eat something different for a lunch and try something out for my blog. Because this week was quite stressful and busy I didn't really had the time and energy to think of something different than my 'old' recipes I use all the time. Last week I bought some buckwheat flour and wanted to make pancakes all week. But then I thought, I want vegetables as well. And then I thought.. hey why not make vegetable cakes? So there you go, I created a new recipe for amazing healthy delicious pancakes. Well it's not really a pancake, it's not a cookie, it's something in between ;-)


100gram buckwheat flour
2 eggs
1 large carrot
1 zucchini
1 tsp of oregano and basil (so 1 tsp of each herb)
salt & pepper to taste
few drops stevia
150 ml water

Shred the carrot and zucchini in a food processor and add all the other ingredients. Combine until you have a well combined mixture and let it rest for 5 minutes. Grab a pan and add oil, start making little pancakes or make one big one. I made 3 in a large pan. You will get about 11 pancakes and they are not more than 60 calories each!!!

Serving suggestion: some mashed avocado or cheese and for the dutch; great with "appel-perenstroop" (without added sugar).

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