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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Salad on the go!

Yesterday I had a fun and lovely shoot in the Netherlands. We made a cool editorial with all black and white elements with golden jewelry.

I knew the team and wanted to make something delicious for on set, something healthy ;-) I love salads, a lot of people think it's boring but I really don't understand how a salad can be boring. You can add whatever you like and make a million versions! I chose to make a rocket salad with some healthy ingredients like sweet potato which are high in vitamin B6, vitamin C and D, contain iron (proper immune functioning and white blood cell production) and are a good source of magnesium, which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral. Further you need the best grain in the world quinoa, some goat cheese (use a good quality of feta cheese if you don't like goats cheese) and some vegetables and nuts. Further it just needs a bit of time and love to make this healthy, delicious salad.

Salad on the Go!


goat cheese
1 big sweet potato
cherry tomato's
handful of mixed nuts
drizzle of olive oil
salt & pepper
vegetable stock

Boil water in a kettle. Grab a handful of raisins and add them to a cup with some of the boiled water, let it soak up the water for about 5 minutes. In the meanwhile slice the sweet potato in cubes (just wash, leave the skin on it's full of vitamins!) and cook them about 8 minutes until soft. In the same time you can cook your quinoa with some vegetable stock and a pinch of cinnamon. Cook until fluffy and let it cool down. Grab your Tupperware and start layering up. First the rocket, than the cherry tomatoes (in fours), the cucumber (in fours) and the cooled down quinoa and sweet potato. Sprinkle the chopped nuts, raisins and olive oil on top and serve with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper!

Some sneaky backstage unedited shots from the shoot

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