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Friday, 21 February 2014

Turkey Salad Love

The Turkey Salad (that isn't boring)

Okay, who ever says salads are boring are crazy. I mean, I often eat a salad for lunch or dinner and I'm never ever fed up with eating them! Plus there are so many different kind of salads that I really don't understand how anybody can find them boring. You just need to eat a good salad ;-)  So what about a turkey salad for your lunch or dinner?

rocket salad
1 turkey fillet
Moroccan chicken spices
1/4 cucumber in fours
half an avocado
4 cherry tomato's in halves
1 cooked beetroot cut in dices

raspberry vinegar and olive oil for the dressing

salt and pepper

Season the turkey and cut them in smaller pieces, fried them until browned. Grab a plate and fill it up with a big handful of rocket, next arrange all the vegetables on top and finish with the turkey and pomegranate. It's that easy, it's that delicious! 

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