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Monday, 3 February 2014

My restaurant meals

Because I'm a full time model, I have to eat a lot of not-home prepared meals. Of course there isn't always a healthy option, but I always try to make THE best option possible. So, today's blog is about my meal choices last week!

Today I was working in Köln, I left home without packing food (stuuuuupid)! For lunch there were only white baguettes with pork meat, exactly what I'm really allergic for so luckily they ordered a whole wheat bun with brie cheese. Not really good, but hey! For dinner I took a take away treat sushi with a tuna salad!

Yesterday I had a birthday dinner With home made spelt pizza, fresh salad an chicken saté with peanut sauce. Lovely!

As you have seen, I also worked in Dusseldorf this week. For a late lunch I had a lovely salmon carrot-squash puree. Sooooo good! In the evening I was craving weekend food, some cheeses, nuts and wine.. Sometimes you have to indulge ;) 

Last week one of my friends visited me, we drove to a lovely restaurant at the lake where I had a lovely goat cheese salad with calvados apple. 

Ofcourse I owe you some of my home made healthy meals from last week.. Recipes and updates will be online soon!

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