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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Not your ordinary pancakes

When I posted this picture a while ago on instagram, everybody wanted to know... OMG what is this? At that time I was doing a diet for the amazing program modelworkout ( and was having a strict diet. My nutritionist was immediately thinking I was cheating big time, but guess what? I didn't.. Yup.. this recipe is completely clean and diet friendly. And did I already mention finger licking good? ;-)


Mixed frozen fruit
30 gram oats
100 ml soy yogurt
100 ml almond milk
1 egg
vanilla extract
dash of stevia
coconut oil 

Grab 2 bowls, one small for the frozen fruit and one to make the pancake batter. Combine oats, milk the egg, cinnamon and vanilla extract and give it a good mix. Let it stand for about 5 minutes so the oats will soak up some of the milk. Check your batter, if it looks to dry just add a bit of water and then you can start heating up a pan with a bit of coconut butter. In the meanwhile put your bowl of frozen fruit in the microwave so they heat up, make sure the fruits stay intact so they won't get toooo soggy. Bake a few small pancakes in the pan and then you can grab a plate and start layering up. Pancake, soy yogurt, pancake, soy yogurt until you have the last pancake. Now its time for the fruits to join the party and then it's your turn to start your morning feast meal! 

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