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Friday, 28 February 2014

Nutritional Information

Hey Guys!

As you all have noticed I started to add nutritional information to my blog posts,  I really hope you appreciate it =)

It's something I wanted to do from the start, but wasn't sure if you would like to know yes or no. So if you have any questions or suggestions or just a simple shout out please let me know I would love to know, so I am able to keep improving my blog. You can contact me on Facebook, email or simply post a comment underneath the blog post.

One more thing: The nutritional information is purely based on the ingredients I give you. So for example I just posted a blog about amazing healthy falafel, a recipe I divided into 4 wraps. So the portion and information of 380 calories a person is exactly 1/4th of the entire list of ingredients (so basically you will have more food than the picture shows you for that amount of calories ;-))


Me in Santé Magazine (NL)

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