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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Easy Sundays

It's Sunday again! Time for another easy recipe..  Sometimes it's really to much effort to prepare a homemade salad for lunch, or roast some vegetables and you just want to have a bite, a crunch but maintain your healthy lifestyle. I have that, especially after a morning workout. I come home tired, hungry and want food - now - an hour ago. So this is a protein rich, healthy solution ;-)

Easy Lunch

3 rice/spelt cakes
chicken fillet
bio vegetable sandwich spread
cottage cheese
jam (without added sugar)
old cheese
boiled egg

Boil your egg, slice your cheese grab a plate and your cakes and start layering up your favourite combination! Mine is 1 with sandwich spread, chicken fillet, lettuce and sliced cucumber & tomato, 1 with cottage cheese and jam, 1 with old cheese, sliced cucumber and a soft boiled egg. Yummy, healthy, easy and delicious ;-) 

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