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Friday, 14 February 2014

Easy Yummy Cookies

Today a wonderful healthy cookie recipe because it's valentine.. That asks for a delicious treat right?

This recipe seriously could have been a easy Sunday recipe.. they are soooo easy to make!! I made them in Capetown maaaany times with my roommates. They are wonderful because you can find the ingredients in any country, in any city, in any home! So if you have a banana left.. and an oven.. and your craving cookies but you don't want to snack those buttery, sugary unhealthy cookies... try these!

Oh and let them cool down just a bit before eating, but they taste the best straight out of the oven ;-)

All you need is
2 bananas
100 gram oats
pinch of cinnamon
A spoon of runny honey

- chocolate nibs
- raisins
- peanut butter
- vanilla
- you choose ;-)

How to? Maybe even easier, prepare a hot oven on 180 degrees Celsius. Mash the banana with a fork and combine with the oats honey and cinnamon. Now you can divide the mixture and put your most favourite adds in there. I love a spoon of peanut butter in the mixture, a handful of raisins and chopped almonds with some vanilla extract or choose the chocolate nibs! Or even better.. make it all ;-) combine a ball and press them on a baking sheet, make sure you make them not to thick because this way you get a better crunch. They need about 15 minutes, if you like them more crunchy make that 20 minutes, enjoy your valentines day =)

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